• Carnal Flower, Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

  • December, 2020

1948: Robert Piguet commissions Germaine Cellier to produce a tuberose perfume. Fracas is born, a fragrance, as its name suggests, noisy, exuberant, brash, which intends to definitively put the severity and global tragedy of the past few years behind it – and on how fashion responds to periods of crisis with invitations to dreams and luxury. just remember that Joy by Jean Patou, advertised as “le parfum plus cher du mond”, followed the great crisis of ’29 and the dramatic collapse of Wall Street.

Fracas, however, was not simply a tuberose perfume but THE tuberose perfume: a point of reference for half a century. It is said that every time a perfume house asked for a tuberose, they started from there: “We want a Fracas, but greener”, “It would be nice to have a Fracas, but sweeter”, and so on.

Not Frederic Malle.

Founder of one of the most uncompromising Maison of all on the quality and exclusivity of the creations, he intends to market an original and revolutionary tuberose perfume.

Moreover, during his many travels in California (it is there, from nearby Mexico that the tuberose comes) the idea of accentuating the more solar and carnal aspects of the flower matures.

The result, ça va sans dire, is spectacular.

Carnal Flower is a fragrance of disruptive beauty: the narcotic notes of the flower, accompanied by euphoric and airy green notes, are the most classic and at the same time modern you can expect.

Perfectly multi-faceted and orchestrated, the fragrance sways between warm and sensual shades (Jasmine, Ylang Ylang) and fresh and sunny (Watermelon, Orange Blossom), while the musk cocktail on the bottom guarantees an exceptional hold on the skin.

"Powerful yet sophisticated, luxurious yet nonchalant, it is a practically perfect perfume. The reference tuberose of the 21st century."