• Summer on the skin: the best summer products for the body

  • July, 2022


Summer feels first and foremost on the skin, and our Perfumery offers, along with a wide range of summer fragrances, even the best summer body products. Here are our favorites!

Papaya Exfoliating Shower Cream, St Barth: we already know what you are thinking – exfoliating will ruin your tan? But no! In the first few hours, the exfoliant revitalizes the circulation, but stabilizes the tan in the long term. This exfoliant by Ligne St Barth contains Jojoba wax pearls and natural enzymes, to purify and regenerate the skin but soften it at the same time.

Aloe Face Body Gel, Santa Maria Novella: paraben-free, this Aloe Vera-based fluid gel is also ideal as an after-sun, to protect the skin from redness and irritation. With a light fragrance thanks to essential oils of lavender and lemon balm, for a delicate pleasure.

Blue Lagoon Shower Gel, St Barth: simply, the ocean in your shower. Based on water from the Caribbean Sea, this shower gel enriched with coconut oil gently cleanses the skin leaving a pleasant sensation of iodized freshness.

Eucalyptus Body Wash, Molton Brown: Our list couldn’t fail to include this classic best seller. Eucalyptus helps to release tension and tone the skin after a long swim in the sea (or a mountain walk!). A note of ginger relaxes the muscles and stimulates circulation. The perfect moment of rest.

Basil Body Cream, Le Labo: this buttery cream is ideal for repairing and moisturizing hot skin. Like all Le Labo products, it is produced without parabens, phthalans and artificial colors. Basil is accompanied by citrus notes of verbena to refresh, avocado to ripen and shea butter ‘to nourish deeply.

Roucou oil, St Barth: Roucou oil is practically magical. It has a natural skin protection factor 6, and at the same time helps to stimulate the development of melanin, for a lasting and even tan. And as if that weren’t enough, keep mosquitoes away!

Acqua Soave, Santa Maria Novella: simply legendary. This tonic with citrus essential oils gently refreshes and hydrates the whole body. A massage after shower or bath will be enough to make your day lighter and more fragrant, even during the hottest hours!

"Summer feels first and foremost on the skin ..."